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The Benefits on the Use of a Demand Response

If in case you are most of the building owners, you would usually be inundated with challenges when it comes to energy management. This may even become worse for the risk of power shortages during summer or winter.

An effective tool today in helping improve energy management is through DR or known as demand response, which gives financial incentives for businesses so that they could reduce or shift their electricity use in response with the reliability needs for power grid or due to high electricity prices.

These kinds of innovative programs offered by the Lone Star Demand Response providers and the local utility companies will turn on the energy cost center to recurring revenue producers. Through managing the energy use profile better, you could then negotiate for lower retail rates from competitive suppliers.

Grocery stores, factories, educational institutions and hospitals, DR is gaining ground through the large users of electricity as a way in reducing electricity use and in helping to improve the bottom line. You may learn more at

By considering DR, the company can acquire monthly payments by just being available for shifting or to curtail electricity use and when the grid is overloaded or if the entire wholesale prices rise. A regional grid operator may ask you to actually curtail on energy use fast for you to avoid emergencies as a condition for acquiring monthly payments. Companies that relieves stress on the grid through making a switch to electricity that’s produced by back-up generators on such periods may in fact acquire similar payments.

Your company essential will contribute “nega-watts” to the grid, which then would give utility and grid operators a valuable level of reliability insurance. Businesses also are well-aware more about the costs of which are associated with power outages and blackouts.

Demand response is actually not a new idea. A lot of retail customers in fact are accustomed for changing consumption behaviors in response on the financial incentives such as off-peak pricing. Real-time metering, web and remote-control technologies actually helped to put DR in a situation where this could reach more customers.

For the businesses, regional-system operators and utilities, DR is able to address critical asset utilization problems. There’s no need for you to incur on big costs for building distribution infrastructure, generator and transmission when the DR can give you with equivalent performance through an environmentally friendly way and also one that is less-disruptive. One fact that you need to know is that the cheapest and cleanest megawatt is something that is never used.

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